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Master of Public Health Applicant Selection Test

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Who is this test for?

This test is for applicants for the Masters in Public Health (MPH) programme and for those who may wish to specialise to obtain the MPH (Health Technology Assessment).

What is the purpose of the test?

Public health is a broad subject and different MPH programmes place emphasis different areas of public health. The University of Birmingham MPH programmes place particular emphasis on epidemiology and statistics. Because of the high reputation we enjoy in the UK and worldwide, we receive many more applicants than we are able to accommodate. We therefore select applicants who are most likely to succeed in and benefit from our type of MPH programme. This test is intended to test your mathematical abilities relevant to epidemiology and statistics. Experience suggests that people who do well on these kinds of tests are more likely to be successful students.

University of Birmingham MPH programmes

We offer an MPH programme that has, embedded into it, the option for students if they wish to exit with an MPH (HTA).  Both our MPH and MPH (HTA) programmes are internationally renowned.

Our MPH programme is aligned with the requirements of the UK Faculty of Public Health

Those who wish to specialise to obtain the MPH (HTA) are likely to have an interest in public health with a focus on appraising and synthesising scientific evidence to inform health policy

To check eligibility to apply for the MPH please consult the University of Birmingham website:

For details of the MPH (HTA) specialism please consult the University of Birmingham website:

Other MSc programmes are listed here:

What is included in the test?

The test involces 25 multiple choice questions to test your numerical skills.

When can I take this test?

You may undertake this test before you apply to the University of Birmingham MPH programme or after you have already submitted an application.

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