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Master of Public Health Numerical Skills Assessment

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Who is this assessment for?

This numerical skills self-assessment is for applicants for the Master of Public Health (MPH), MPH (Health Technology Assessment), MPH (Statement of Extra Accredited Learning) and MPH (International) programmes.

What is the purpose of the assessment?

Public Health is a broad subject and different MPH programmes place emphasis on different areas of public health. The University of Birmingham MPH programmes place particular emphasis on epidemiology and statistics, and strong numerical skills are therefore essential. This assessment is intended to allow you to test your mathematical abilities relevant to epidemiology and statistics. Experience suggests that people who do well on these kinds of assessments are more likely to be successful students.

University of Birmingham MPH programmes

In addition to the Master of Public Health (MPH), we also offer the following programmes:

The MPH (Health Technology Assessment) is a strand of the Masters in Public Health (MPH) programme for those students who wish to specialise in public health with health technology assessment. The MPH (HTA) is an exit qualification from the MPH programme.

The MPH (Statement of Extra Accredited Learning) programme provides a broader version of the current MPH programme (230 instead of 180 credits). By being formally assessed and accredited in more modules, the MPH (SEAL) allows students to demonstrate their wider competency range.

The MPH (International) programme is aimed at professionals already working in low- and middle-income countries or those aiming to do so in the future. It builds upon the well-established and successful Master of Public Health (MPH).

For further information or to check eligibility to apply for the MPH, please visit the University of Birmingham website:

Our MPH programme is aligned with the requirements of the UK Faculty of Public Health.

Other MSc programmes are listed here:

What is included in the assessment?

The assessment involves 25 multiple choice questions to test your numerical skills.

When can I take this assessment?

You may undertake this assessment before you apply to the University of Birmingham MPH programme or after you have already submitted an application.

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